What material is Seat Square made of?
It’s a nylon and spandex blend. This material tested the best for durability, and odor, sweat, and impression resistance. It’s similar material to popular Yoga pants. 

What size is Seat Square?
It’s approximately 45cm x 45cm (18in x 18in) and about .2mm thick.

What size is the pouch?
It’s approx 16cm by 10cm (6” x 4”), and made of oh-so-velvety soft material. It also has a drawstring that allows you to close it easily.

Why is there a hinge in Seat Square?
The hinge was our novel way of anchoring Seat Square to your seat, and a mechanism that enables quick and easy folding.

How do I know which side is “up”?
The logo indicates the “up” side. So when you place Seat Square on a seat, do so with the logo facing up. That way if you use Seat Square more than once (without washing it), you’re always sitting on the same, clean side.

Do you customize Seat Square?
Depends…If you want to order a bunch and print something on them, we can probably help with that. Send us an email at outlining the quantity, date you want them, and what you’re looking for. We’ll try to help out.
If you want a different material color or material with a pattern, we’re planning that for the future, but not right now.

How long does it take to process an order?
Please allow 2-3 business days for your order to be processed for shipping. Remember, we’re just a couple of people like you, trying to make a dream come true. We’re doing the best we can and hope you understand if we’re a little late ;-)

Can I cancel or change my order?
If your order hasn’t shipped yet, then yes, you can cancel. If it’s shipped, then we’re unable to cancel it. If you want to change the quantity on your order and it hasn’t shipped, then we can help. If it’s shipped, then it’s harder (unless you’re adding more Seat Square’s - then it’s easy). Either way, drop us an email at and let us know what’s what.

Can I change my shipping address?
If it hasn’t shipped - yes. If it’s shipped - no.
Once it’s shipped, it’s going to whatever address you put in the checkout. If you need to change your address, drop us an email at with your name, order number and the new address. We’ll do the best we can to change it.

Do you offer expedited shipping?
Not at this time. Patience is a virtue. You’ve lived without Seat Square up until now. Another few days isn’t going to kill you. If you really NEED IT BIGTIME, drop us a line at and we’ll see what we can do.

How long will it take to get my order (ship it)?
Shipping costs a shitload, and we want to keep our products cheap for you. So we’ve decided to opt for ground or air shipping instead of the expensive 1-2 day courier shipping. We didn’t think you’d want to pay $15 on a $25 product for fast shipping, and we wouldn’t either. 

If you’re in Canada, it’ll take between 2-5 business days for Canada Post to deliver (on top of order processing time).

If you’re in the USA, it’ll take between 5-8 business days for Canada Post to deliver (on top of order processing time).

Can I track my order?
We only offer tracking on some orders. This is in order to keep costs down and shipping costs in proportion to the product cost. It wouldn’t make sense to pay $20 shipping on a $25 product would it? We agree.

What happens if I don’t receive my order?
You may end up sitting in some crap, develop some nice swamp ass, get a nasty stain on some nice new clothes, or you may get nice waffle marks on the back of your legs. In other words, it’s a shame. Drop us an email at with your name and order number, and let us know that you haven’t received your order. We’ll handle things from there.

Why is my logo not showing when folding Seat Square?
Sometimes the integrated hinge may flip over during use, washing or storage. If this happens, then expand Seat Square, holding the hinge part. Simply grab the hinge on both ends and flip over. That should correct the issue.