Seat Square |  Seat Square being used on patio chair. Seat Square on chair with woman sitting on it drinking coffee


The stylish, functional fashion accessory you place on seats to protect bare skin & clothing from stains, marks, filth, & heat

Why you'll love The Square

  • Buttery soft, stylish fabric
  • Integrated hinge for quick & easy folding
  • Portable, lightweight, smaller than a phone
  • Washable by machine or hand
  • Logo indicator for up/clean side


No more stains, waffle thighs, or sitting in filth

Seat Square | Image of woman wearing white pants pointing to a dark stain on butt from an Uber car seat


Clothing from stains & odours

Seat Square | Woman showing waffle thighs, or a weave pattern on the back of her leg from sitting on a bistro chair in Paris without a Seat Square


Embarrassing bare skin marks

Seat Square | Dirty public transit seat with vomit, spilled liquid, random nasty stuff, and other stains. Meant to show a seat surface that needs Seat Square


From dirty, stained, or hot seats

Seat Square unfolded, covering various seating surfaces that include a patio chair, a subway seat, a park bench, a airplane seat, a hot car seat, picnic table, grass in a park, concrete pool deck, on rocks at a beach.

Use on public, textured, dirty, or hot seats

Restaurant Patio Chairs | Buses | Subways | Park Benches | Stadium Seats | Airline Seats & Headrests | Hot Car Seats | Car Seats After a Workout | Picnic Tables | Park Benches | Beach Sand | Grass & Parks | Lawn Seats at Concerts | AND many more...

What People Are Saying

The summer dress saviour

"It's nice not to have to peel my thighs off a plastic chair, or worry about swamp ass anymore - LOL"

Alexandra G.

I use it everywhere

"On my car seat when I'm sweaty after the gym. On the subway. On my white couch with new blue jeans."

Amanda C.

Love it so much

"No more waffle thighs, or my bare legs touching god knows what that's left on the chair."

Stephanie K.

New best gym pal

"I train at a Crossfit and shower at home. I use SS to protect my car seat from my sweat, and keep the stink away."

Mark S.

How to Use

Seat Square | Picture of woman on beach at a restaurant table taking Seat Square out of pouch (to use)

1. Remove from Pouch

Seat Square | Woman at restaurant on beach placing Seat Square on table chair

2. Place on seat (logo side up)

Seat Square | Woman at restaurant on beach standing and folding Seat Square to put away in storage pouch

3. Fold, roll & store in pouch