Hi! I’m Natalie, I'm the co-founder of Seat Square and a proud Canadian. 

Yup, we do some pretty cool stuff up here. We gave the world Shawn Mendes, The Beibs, the Ryan’s (Gosling AND Reynolds), Drake, The Weeknd, Camila, and Carly Rae...just to name a few.

Now we’re giving the world Seat Square. It can't act, sing or play sports, but we hope it will top ‘em all and be the biggest thing outta Canada in a while.

My group of friends and I came up with the idea for Seat Square after having numerous "scary seat" experiences that included:

  • sitting in leftover food and drink spills on chairs (and it touching our skin...super nasty)
  • getting sweaty ass and sweaty legs from hot chairs
  • skin being fried by patio chairs that are as hot as the sun
  • clothing getting stained by whatever nastiness is left on the seat
  • going to sit down on a transit (subway or bus seat) and seeing puke, gum, dirt, stains and other nastiness just waiting for our behind
  • sitting on a wet, dirty airplane seat
  • our biggest pet peeve...ugly impressions on the backs of our bare legs, thanks to the patio chair seat grids

That's where Seat Square comes in. We think it's the ideal solution to all these "scary seat" experiences. Next time you travel or go out, you can take Seat Square with you to protect, prevent and shield yourself from scary seats.

It's been a blast designing this product, hearing from all of you, and getting it to market. 

We hope you love Seat Square as much as we do!    

Nat & Co.  :-)